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Frankfurt/Main is the largest city in the German state "Hessen" and the fifth largest city in Germany, with a population of 660.000.

As the center of the "Rhein/Main-Area" Frankfurt is one of the most productive and dynamic region of Europe. Because of its young population the little metropole is active and current. Frankfurt is fast, colorful and international - no wonder... 180 nations call Frankfurt their home.

There are 45 individual areas in Frankfurt, which are quickly reachable by bus and the underground. Frankfurt is not too big, that is why you can get almost everywhere even without a vehicle. You can easily explore Frankfurt by foot or on a bike.

People who don't live in Frankfurt, think of the city as being hectic and formal.  They only imagine skyscrapers and banking houses. But there is so much more to it. There are very charming and attractive districts. Neighborhoods like "Bornheim", "Nordend" and "Sachsenhausen" are very popular and areas like "Seckbach" and "Bergen-Enkheim" captivate with their charming &rustic flair. "Höchst" and "Old-Bornheim" fascinate with their historic places and houses. Frankfurt offers a lot of historic buildings. The "Dom" (dome) in the "Old-Town" of Frankfurt is one of the most important historic places. German emperors were crowned in this cathedral. Close by is the "Römer", which is one of the oldest trading centers of Europe.

In contrast to the old historic site there are many impressive skyscrapers in Frankfurt. Some of them belong to the biggest ones of all Europe. There are amazing views to enjoy where you can see the lovely "Taunus" and other great close by recreation centers.

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