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Rosbach (8069889) - several furnished single apartments

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Our stylishly furnished and fully equipped basic apartments invite you to feel "at home".

A fully equipped single kitchen with hob and extractor hood, as well as a private bathroom with shower and toilet offer you an appealing level of comfort.

The sleeping and living area is furnished with a desk, a seat, a wardrobe and a single bed and creates a homely atmosphere.

The prices for basic apartments are between 1132.06 and 1956.50 euros per month, depending on size and equipment.

Requirements according to EnEV:
Primary energy requirement of this building 112.9kWh/(m²*a)
Required value 115.2 kWh/(m²*a)
Final energy requirement heat 82.0 kWh/(m²*a)
final energy cond
Use of renewable energies to cover heating and cooling requirements based on the EEWärmeG:
Solar radiant energy: 8.7%
Heat and cold recovery: 19.6% rh electricity 17.6 kWh/(m²*a)

Additional information
  • Min. duration: 30 days
  • Persons: 1
  • Smoking: Non-smokers only

According to section 2 (1)(a) WoVermG, our brokerage services are free of commission for the tenant.
Additional object information and possible furniture
  • möbliert
  • Neubau
  • Aufzug
  • PKW-Stellplatz
  • ruhig
Furniture features
  • bathroom:
  • with shower

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